Annette Samouris


From the time I was very young, I remember a quote that my Nana would say…”Idle hands are the devil’s workshop…We want to keep kids busy with positive things. If you don’t give them things to do, somebody else will.”

I learned how to knit and crochet at about 8 years old. I have never stopped since. All things fiber are of interest to me. I have even expressed myself creatively with quilting and basket making. When I was 14 years old I had to opportunity to live in Iceland for 2 years as a Navy Brat. This is when I learned to make my first Icelandic sweater. I made one each year that I lived there.

After running into a demonstration of the local Spinner’s Guild some years ago, I decided spinning would be my next fiber related endeavor. I find it to be a very relaxing hobby that provides me with beautiful yarns to knit and weave with. I have a couple of sheep on my farm and there is nothing more rewarding than shearing, processing and then making a garment from my own sheep’s wool.

Within the past few years I have developed an interest in weaving. I continue to learn many new techniques as time goes on.

I have been making goat milk soap for the last five years. I have an outstanding herd of Registered Nubian Dairy Goats that started because my daughters wanted to show them in 4H. Now that the children are grown I needed to find a way to use the gallons of milk we were gathering from our herd. After many different formulas and a lot of trial and error I have come to the soap I am currently making, and by the feedback I have received my customers are quite happy with the results.