Deb Sams

Debbie Sams was born in Waukegan, IL. Like so many military families, they moved throughout the United States during her childhood. The family finally settled in Southern MD when Debbie was a teenager.

Debbie has always been passionate about art, but it was not until she had retired that she finally was able to explore such a great variety of art mediums. Over time her interests mainly focused on jewelry, clay and fiber arts.

Debbie’s focus in fibers arts eventually evolved into her passion in both wet felting and needle felting. It is through these two mediums that Debbie found she could best express herself. She sought out various teachers in both wet felting and needle felting to learn different techniques in both art forms.

Debbie has entered her wet felting and needle felted creations in various shows with great success. Her knowledge and skills continue to grow and be honed; and when coupled with Debbie’s endless creative ideas give this artist boundless possibilities.