Lyn Wescoe

Often people ask me when I first decided to become an artist. My response is that I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be an artist. Some of my earliest memories include painting with temperas at my little easel, “sewing” with shoe laces, and weaving on a pot-holder loom. One of my most cherished memories is of the times I was allowed to ride my bike across town to visit a blind resident who had a floor loom. She would let me select the next color to be added to her masterpiece, and I would wind her shuttles with the brightly-colored yarns. I would stand by the loom for hours, watching the shuttle fly as the weaving ‘unfolded’ before my eyes.

My after-school jobs included helping out at a local craft shop, where “Crafty Anne” patiently taught knitting, and doing page layout and advertisement design for the local newspaper. I continued doing free-lance ad design as I worked toward earning a degree in the fine arts. It was then that I was introduced to spinning and my desire to weave returned with a passion. Upon graduation, I worked on exhibits and restoration at a private museum, and as a graphic artist in the print industry. I then landed a job with a start-up company and consider myself a “pioneer” in the world of computer graphics (before the arrival of desktops). I’m blessed to have a career working professionally in my chosen field. But my true love is, and I believe will remain, working with textiles and fiber.