Holidays are happening!

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We have got Christmas goodies galore showing up in the shop! From tatted snowflakes, to quilted runners, to felted reindeer, to stockings – you are sure to find something to your liking. Our items are largely one of a kind, so if you see it and like it – don’t wait, because when you come back to buy it if it’s gone, you may not get another chance! It may get replaced by a similar item, but not the exact same thing.

We are still bringing in new items all the time so keep stopping by, you never know what new goodies you might find in here.

If you aren’t sure what your friend or loved one might like we do offer gift certificates.

We are open now on Tuesdays and Sundays from 10-2 during the Holiday season to give you more opportunities to stop in to shop with us. We will be open Christmas Eve 10-2 as well. Wednesday, 12-26, through Saturday, 12-28, our hours will be shorter than normal with us closing at 4 those days. We will then be closed from Dec 29 through Jan 14, reopening January 15 for our normal hours of 10-5.

And now a quick “What’s in Your Bag” –

Yesterday, Carrie Lee didn’t quite have a “bag” with her but an Options caddy with various tools and supplies for making jewelry and Christmas ornaments. A couple of things she cannot live without are her bent nose pliers. She has tried several sizes to find ones that felt good/fit her hands. And the other thing she loves to use are chain mail rings from The Ring Lord in anodized aluminum. She has plenty of findings, and other supplies in there, but those are her favorites. What was she working on yesterday? For one thing these festive Christmas Jingle Bell earrings!


Come on by to see us before we close for the Holiday break. We would love to see you – and bring a friend too!

Eula Mae


Meet Chester…



If you didn’t know, we name all of our mannequins here. Our newest addition is – Chester! And it’s about time we added a male mannequin here, if I do say so. New View isn’t just women’s hats, scarves, mitts and such – we make items for the men in your life too! When you need that something extra for your husband, dad, son, brother, even that co-worker that you drew in the Secret Santa Exchange – we’ve got you covered.

We’ve always got hats and scarves for guys in the shop whether they are knit, crocheted or even woven scarves; you’re sure to find something to grab your interest. We have gloves and mittens to go along with the hats and scarves too to keep those hands toasty warm.


If you aren’t sure about hats and scarves for him, how about an E-Reader Stand? These are made by Mara and come in very handy when you need to have your hands free to follow instructions while working on something – think of those electrical or plumbing repairs when he’s watching a video or reading instructions and keeps going back to the tablet. This makes it so much easier to take care of those jobs. (Not to mention you can “steal” it for your recipes in the kitchen! Or your own repair jobs too – I’ve done my share of washing machine and dryer repairs. LOL)

So stop in to take a gander, we’re adding new pieces all the time!
Eula Mae




What’s in your bag???

So before I left the shop today I took a look at what was in Misti’s bag she brought in to work on while in the shop! Misti designs many of our mitts you find knitted in the shop – she has quite the notebook going with patterns in there in fact. This particular design is called “peapod” and you can see why – the peapods are winding their way up the back of the mitt with the leaves on either side and done in a marvelous shade of green.


And something you will always find in Misti’s bag is her Clover row counter! This is one “gadget” she can’t operate without when it comes to knitting.


So when you knit, crochet, stitch, whatever – what’s in your bag?

Shop Small…

I’ll start backwards and tell you that Shop Small Saturday is November 30. Please come support our store and shop small with us! We would love to see you here.

Now that I have that out of the way, our fibery artist of the month is Sara Burbage. She is a felter extraordinaire and uses the fleece from her very own sheep to make most of her creations. She is continually adding to her menagerie of critters, but she’s probably most well known for her Christmas reindeer to include Rudolph. She has recently added some beautiful horses, and has made birds all along. She has a wonderful eye for creatures great and small. Her little fairies that she has adapted into some nursery decorations would be a terrific baby shower gift. Come take a look at all of her offerings throughout the shop and look for her reindeer to start making their appearances soon too!

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Our Sidewalk Sale was a huge success, but we still have some items available – great news for you, right?! We had an abundance of books to offer this year so we decided to set up a bookcase right inside the front door with the remaining books we have for sale. There are all sorts of interests, all in awesome shape with most being in like new condition, and at a fraction of the brand new price to boot. You just might find that book you’ve been looking for that is out of print now.


We have more hats and scarves coming into the shop. So when you can’t find yours from last year, or you pull it out to find it has a whole in it, come on by to find your new stylish piece(s) to get you through this season. Or maybe you need a hat or mitts for a friend or family member – we can help out there too. Babies to adults, we’ve got you covered!

Hope to see you in the shop soon!

Eula Mae



October is here, but the heat is holding on!

Ewesful News

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October’s Artist of the Month is… Bonnie! A most wonderful artist as you can see. Please come by the shop to see her creations prominently displayed at the front of our shop throughout the month. She is a master at “painting” with roving/fiber, you would think she was making watercolor paintings to look at them and the patience it takes to get some of the fine strands to go where she wants them to when static sets in – well, let’s just say that truly is a “master’s touch” there! She has taken classes for carving and painting gourds and knows which ones are best for what purpose, which ones will last, which ones from where grow best, she has become a gourd aficionado. Like most of our artists she is not content to stick to one corner, she dabbles with other items as well. Take a look at some of her shell buttons while you are here or some of her gorgeous “found item” hair/shawl pins made from old buttons and pins. You are sure to find something to peak your interest or a little goody for someone special in your life so stop in to take a look before it all sells because it’s all one of a kind! No two are alike.

I know you don’t believe us, and with temperatures hitting the 90s in early October it is difficult to believe, but Fall is coming – I promise! We have started bringing in items for cooler weather. sueshawl

You will start to see more and more of these nice, snuggly items making their way into our shop as we prepare for the cooler weather and the Holidays. Football season has started so there’s your first promise cooler weather is coming!


Saturday, October 26, from 3-5 pm in the Square downtown Leonardtown there will be a Trick or Treat session for the kids amongst the businesses. NVF will take part and we will have goodies to hand out to the kiddos as they parade by in their costumes. This is a fun, safe way for your kids to enjoy the afternoon.

If you are interested in classes of any kind but do not see them listed on our calendar or website please check with us. Some of our members do teach one on one rather than in a class type setting, some are waiting for enough people to ask for a particular subject again to schedule certain classes and so forth. Just remember, until you ask, the answer is always no.

On a side note of classes, we are usually working on items of our own while in at the shop. If you are having difficulties with a particular stitch, pattern, whatever, please feel free to ask us. Most likely one of us sitting around the table will be able to help you with your problem. If not, we can direct you to our member with the expertise to help you I’m sure.

In a few short weeks it will be November and we will be turning our attention from jack-o-lanterns and spiders to turkeys and spiced cider. Leaves will be falling (and we’ll be raking) and our thoughts will be turning towards the Holidays and the “hubbub” of the season. Before you know it, it will be upon us and we’ll be talking about the tree lighting in the Square!

Eula Mae