Meet Chester…



If you didn’t know, we name all of our mannequins here. Our newest addition is – Chester! And it’s about time we added a male mannequin here, if I do say so. New View isn’t just women’s hats, scarves, mitts and such – we make items for the men in your life too! When you need that something extra for your husband, dad, son, brother, even that co-worker that you drew in the Secret Santa Exchange – we’ve got you covered.

We’ve always got hats and scarves for guys in the shop whether they are knit, crocheted or even woven scarves; you’re sure to find something to grab your interest. We have gloves and mittens to go along with the hats and scarves too to keep those hands toasty warm.


If you aren’t sure about hats and scarves for him, how about an E-Reader Stand? These are made by Mara and come in very handy when you need to have your hands free to follow instructions while working on something – think of those electrical or plumbing repairs when he’s watching a video or reading instructions and keeps going back to the tablet. This makes it so much easier to take care of those jobs. (Not to mention you can “steal” it for your recipes in the kitchen! Or your own repair jobs too – I’ve done my share of washing machine and dryer repairs. LOL)

So stop in to take a gander, we’re adding new pieces all the time!
Eula Mae